aboooooutWho is OneSpoooon

I am Eva and I am the OneSpoooon – the  vegetarian & gluten-free food lover! I am originally from Prague, the beautiful city of Czech Republic and recently moved to San Francisco. This city is now my big inspiration for my food experiments. Since I moved here, I’ve been trying to mix & combine ingredients I never tried before (my top 1 is kale + grapefruit + seeds). I enjoy simplicity and combination of natural favours.

If you ever ask who the second spoon is, the answer is clear: my boyfriend Zdenek who encouraged me to make this blog. He is also the one who tastes my meal as first and is open to any of my experiments. Thanks!

Preparing my meal without sharing wouldn’t make much sense for me.

Besides food I love micro pigs, badger dogs, design, fine art, Thom Yorke and movies. And I have a slight phobia of sloths. :) This is my modest painting collection. For me, Painting and Preparing meal works best as a therapy :)

Why I started cooking

To be honest, I wasn’t always much interested in preparing meals. At my single times I was always ok with my morning cup of coffee, some fruit for lunch and always the same salad mix for dinner (lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, celery, cheese). It all changed when I started to examine RAW and Vegan style of preparing meals. Also one thing that changed my perspective of preparing meal was meeting my boyfriend. Once I started to prepare meal for someone with different taste, it all began actually fun! At that time I started to experiment with ingredients, spices and combinations I wouldn’t have thought before. And this is still in progress and hopefully will never stop.

My diet

I never made a decision to be a vegetarian. It happened as a natural progress about 15 years ago. I have never been enjoying meat and I always took it as something what I “have to” eat.  Thus I gave it up completely. And never came back. I gave up gluten about 8 years ago, when I realized that I actually feel much better when not eating it. I am not trying to find any gluten-free alternatives like gluten-free flour or something. Rather prefer ingredients that are naturally free of gluten.

Although my blog is called Spoon in Mood for Vegetarian & Gluten free, most of the recipes are vegan, as I enjoy these most. Please, don’t get scared if you ever see me using butter or cheese or an egg …

This is the motto I follow and I think it’s absolutely true:

Being on special diet is not about restriction. It’s about experimenting with alternative sources.

What do I enjoy most? Salads and soups and anything nutty or creamy. I have a slight addiction to coconut oil & coconut milk & coconut cream. And I am OK with this.