Dates from Dubai. Thank you.

This is the most exciting thing that can happen to someone addicted to dates. In this case, it happened to me. Thank you. Dates filled with the fanciest nuts, fruit and chocolate – wrapped in the golden pattern box.

P.S.: I got this gift in the late night and I couldn’t wait for morning to taste them. (Yes, I try to follow that “I already brushed my teeth” rule). And that morning was the possibly sweetest morning – I tried all of them (not all, just 1 piece from each) because they are so delicious I can’t stop eating them. I also love the sweet smell … Oh, I just love dates!


Most precious gift from Dubai


I could’t resist not to try them before taking the picture


Looking delicious, right?


One of each … I can’t pick just one


The crunchy beauty


Beautiful Golden Pattern

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